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Brand consistency at scale

With our online editor and templates we maintain brand consistency and automate digital and printed material customizations.

Boost your marketing team efficiency

Centralize marketing requests and demands so your team can focus on get the work done. Stakeholders are automatically notified about updates and job delivery.

All your brand content in one place

Store all content related to your brand in a single place where everybody get access exactly for what they need.



Publish customizable templates, defining rules to guarantee your brand consistency


Manage, prioritize and optimize the daily work of your team and requests received


Upload all your brand digital assets into a single cloud solution, available for everyone


Centralize your brand communication with all your stores / franchises / resellers


Apply checklists on your stores to ensure every campaign gets applied correctly


Track assets downloads, campaigns customizations, approval average time and many more KPIs.


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“Deskfy is a company that does what it says. With the platform, now the whole Spoleto network has access to an approved artwork in less than 1 day. One of our closest partners, who really looks for ways to improve the product and relationships.“

Lucas Barroso
Trade Marketing Analyst, Spoleto

"Deskfy changed all the interface we had previously with our franchisees, speeding up and assisting several processes. The highlights of our experience with the platform are: autonomy, service and the constant search to further improve the tool."

Marketing Team
Domino's Pizza

"As a designer at Rock, I can say that it is very easy and fast to make a template with the visual identity patterns of the brand in Deskfy. We can insert fonts, images, colors, icons, all with the brand’s patterns. The choice of having a tool where the franchisees could have that freedom in creation, in the beginning was very worrying, because we didn’t know if the franchisees would make the correct use of the brand, but the tool is amazing in that sense, we managed everything and instructed how to use the brand correctly."

Manuela Rosito
Designer, Rockfeller

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